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Actionable time management tips Part 1


As a CEO of an emerging digital marketing company which has its presence in both UK and India means keeping pace with multiple matters while driving a team of nearly 150+ people nearly 24x365 days of the year. Read More »

Actionable time management tips Part 2

Time Management Infographic

When scheduling your appointments/tasks/meeting/calls remember to maintain buffer time between the two tasks. You do need a breather, don’t you? Read More »

Physics in our Lives Part 3


Electricity, Lights, and the Nucleus Hundred years ago, there was some street lighting in the major cities of the world such as New York City, London, Paris and so on but that was nothing in comparison to what we have today. The light ‘pollution’ from street and household lighting has reached such a dangerous proportion that there are activists who ... Read More »

Physics in our Lives Part 2


Adventures in Flying — in the Air and in Space We often take things for granted. We take change for granted. So many things did not exist even 25 years ago. More things such as airplanes did not exist 100 years ago. Of course, the Wright Brothers flew their flimsy ‘aircraft’ in Kitty Hawk back in 1903 but there certainly ... Read More »

Physics in our Lives Part 1


Physics impacts our lives in both visible and subtle ways. We know why the sky looks blue and why the oceans look blue. That’s physics at work. Have you thought lately about how much stuff that little smartphone has replaced? It does not just do the work of that old-fashioned rotary phone that most of us only get to see ... Read More »

Data privacy, machine learning and the destruction of mysterious humanity


The article talks about how with the advance of machines, human being might not be treated something more than machines. Link : My take : This is an excellent read about how human being though modeled to respond to immediate threat is incapable of missing out on a long term threat. Leering off the personal information not just the ... Read More »